Timari Rivera Scholarship Fund

As you all know, this year we lost our friend and teammate Timari Rivera (the "Gentle Giant") just days before our Staples varsity basketball season was set to begin. As a way to honor him, we are partnering with Staples Tuition Grants (see below for a detailed description of STG) to establish the Timari Rivera Scholarship Fund which will provide college grants to those in need.  

To raise money for the fund, we are organizing our first annual March Madness pool. Half of all proceeds will go to the Timari Rivera Scholarship Fund and the other half will go to one lucky winner. Our hope is that future Staples captains will continue this tradition in perpetuity so we can continue to fund this grant in our teammate Timari's name.

See below for pool entry information and instructions. Enter as many times as you'd like ($20 per entry); forward to friends/family; or just provide a donation.


Fee: $20 per bracket

Link to Enter

Password: Wreckers2021

Payment: Please venmo @Felicia-Sale by Thursday, March 18

*** In your venmo description please put the email your ESPN account is under or name of your bracket/s!! (If this is not in the description we will not know which brackets are paid for).

Thank you!

Staples Tuition Grants (STG) was founded in 1943 by a group of Westporters who believed that any Staples High School graduate who worked hard enough to get into college should be able to attend, regardless of ability to pay.  STG has helped thousands of Staples High School graduates achieve their dreams by providing needs-based grants for undergraduate colleges and vocational school tuition. Our mission is to support the goals and aspirations of hundreds of Westport Staples High school graduates and their families each year by helping them close the gap between what they can afford and the ever increasing costs of tuition, room and board at institutions of higher learning. All of STG's recipients complete a FAFSA, which is used throughout the higher education community for financial aid. Though the generosity of our community of donors, STG aims to cover more of this ever-growing need to more students every year.

Link to Donate to Timari Rivera Scholarship Fund